Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Game 7 - Cross Keys v Pontypridd

Game 7

Cross Keys v Pontypridd

21st September 2013

All week in the build up to this game in the press and social media, Cross Keys were confident of beating Ponty and putting them in their place. I have to say, I was a little worried that Keys could beat us, we have'nt played well and scraped wins in the last two games. How wrong was I, Ponty won 28 to 11. Boys played a lot better and were hungry to show they better than the last two games.

Keys again should some thuggery, they could a real good team if they concentrated on playing rugby, but we won and I was really pleased. Hopefully we have turned a corner and will be more consistence in the games coming up.

So 3 wins out 3, not bad after all!!!!

Vive le Pontypridd


15.Geraint Walsh. 14.Aled Summerhill. 13.Gavin Dacey. 12.Dafydd Lockyer. 11.Matthew Nuthall (Gareth Wyatt). 10.Simon Humberstone. 9.Tom Williams (Lloyd Williams).

1.Stuart Williams (James Howe). 2.Rhys Williams (Huw Dowden). 3.Keiron Jenkins (Lewis Jones). 4.Craig Locke. 5.Chris Dicomidis - cpt. 6.Jake Thomas (Lee Williams). 7.Wayne O'Connor (Thomas Young). 8.Dan Godfrey.

Game 6 - Pontypridd V Bridgend

Game 6

Pontypridd v Bridgend

18th September 2013

A mid week game against Bridgend who scored 10 points in the first ten minutes, Ponty were awful, there were wholesale changes to the team from the Bedwas game. We were getting a penalised in the scrums and our kicking game was poor, very frustrating game to watch, not a good performance.

With 5 mintues to go Bridgend were winning 23 to 20 and were looking confident of taking a Sardis sclap. In injury time Ponty were pressing Bridgend in their 22. Ponty were awarded a scrum and threw the ball out and Gavin Dacey scored and snatched 'victory from the jaws of defeat'. As Dacey scored the shed errupted and we all knew 'we played our outta jail card'.

Again Bridgend must have been gutted not to win that one, but I think a fair result should have been a draw, but I will take the win.


15.Aled Summerhill. 14.Gareth Wyatt. 13.Garyn Smith (Gavin Dacey). 12.Gary Williams (Simon Humberstone). 11.Matthew Nuthall. 10.Dai Flanagan. 8.Joel Raikes (Lloyd Williams).

1.James Howe (Stuart Williams). 2.Huw Dowden. 3.Keiron Jenkins (Lewis Jones). 4.Jordan Sieniawski (Lee Williams). 5.Chris Dicomidis - cpt. 6.Thomas Young (Owen Sheppeard). 7.Tom Hetherington. 8.Jake Thomas.

"Golden Bob" man of the match: Tom Hetherington.

Game 5 - Pontypridd v Bedwas

Game 5

Pontypridd v Bedwas

14th September 2013

First league game of the season home to Bedwas. Bedwas always tough opposition and games are nearly always close affairs and this was no different.

Bedwas scored first with a penalty try and Ponty prop Keiron Jenkins sent to the sin bin, Ponty up against it in the first ten minutes, but with Bedwas pressing Ponty's line, Ponty managed to get the ball and Dai Flan with chip over the Bedwas back line, Geraint Walsh gathers the ball and passes to league debutant Alex Webber who scores a length of field try in front of the screaming shed.

Half time Bedwas were in front 22 points to 19, Bedwas were the better team and Ponty needed to go up a gear in the second half. Flying wing Webber scored two more trys in this half, but Bedwas were keeping in front of Ponty by 2 or 3 points. With about ten minutes to go Bedwas in the lead and it was looking a home defeat for Ponty. Bedwas deserved to win this game, they played well and but us under pressure, but I think that our fitness won us the game because in those finally 8 mintues, Ponty Rhys Shellard and Geraint Walsh scored. Final score 42 to 31 to Ponty and we started the league campaign on a win and denied a lose point to Bedwas, who must have been gutted that they got nothing out of the game.


15.Geraint Walsh. 14.Alex Webber. 13.Aled Summerhill. 12.Dafydd Lockyer. 11.Owen Jenkins (Adam Thomas). 10.Dai Flanagan (Simon Humberstone). 9.Lloyd Williams (Tom Williams).

1.Stuart Williams (James Howe). 2.Rhys Williams (Huw Dowden). 3.Keiron Jenkins (Lewis Jones). 4.Lee Williams (Craig Locke). 5.Chris Dicomidis - cpt. 6.Luke Crocker. 7.Wayne O'Connor (Rhys Shellard). 8.Dan Godfrey.

"Golden Bob" man of the match - Dan Godfrey.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Game 4 - Pontypridd v Cardiff

Game 4

Pontypridd v Cardiff

7th September 2013

Biggest game of the season and so import to progress in the British and Irish Cup, the eliminator game was a tough one. Cardiff recruited well over the closed season and were much improved from last season and the first half was all Cardiff. Ponty were trying but were penalised at scrum and breakdown frequently, some ref decision were difficult to take and Ponty were getting frustrated.

First half finished 10 – 13 to Cardiff, very close. Second half was a bit better and Ponty scored two more trys and managed to win 22 to 19. Ponty, need to sort the line out and hookers need to relearn the art of hooking, but things will get better.

I disagree with a lot of comments on social media that the best team lost. “Yes”, Cardiff played well, but Ponty scored 3 trys to 1. The Cardiff try was a lucky bounce and they took the opportunity to score.

Wayne O’Connor made a huge difference when he came on, he is Mr Consistence, rarely has a bad game.

Now, looking forward to the away trips to London Welsh and London Scottish in the next few weeks. Hopefully we will progress out of the pool stage and go one step further than last year.


15.Adam Thomas. 14.Alex Webber. 13.Gavin Dacey. 12.Dafydd Lockyer. 11.Matthew Nuthall. 10.Simon Humberstone. 9.Tom Williams (Lloyd Williams).

1.James Howe (Stuart Williams). 2.Huw Dowden (Rhys Williams). 3.Keiron Jenkins. 4.Craig Locke. 5.Chris Dicomidis - cpt. 6.Jake Thomas. 7.Rhys Shellard (Wayne O'Connor). 8.Dan Godfrey.

"Golden Bob" man of the match - Chris Dicomidis