Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Game 7 - Cross Keys v Pontypridd

Game 7

Cross Keys v Pontypridd

21st September 2013

All week in the build up to this game in the press and social media, Cross Keys were confident of beating Ponty and putting them in their place. I have to say, I was a little worried that Keys could beat us, we have'nt played well and scraped wins in the last two games. How wrong was I, Ponty won 28 to 11. Boys played a lot better and were hungry to show they better than the last two games.

Keys again should some thuggery, they could a real good team if they concentrated on playing rugby, but we won and I was really pleased. Hopefully we have turned a corner and will be more consistence in the games coming up.

So 3 wins out 3, not bad after all!!!!

Vive le Pontypridd


15.Geraint Walsh. 14.Aled Summerhill. 13.Gavin Dacey. 12.Dafydd Lockyer. 11.Matthew Nuthall (Gareth Wyatt). 10.Simon Humberstone. 9.Tom Williams (Lloyd Williams).

1.Stuart Williams (James Howe). 2.Rhys Williams (Huw Dowden). 3.Keiron Jenkins (Lewis Jones). 4.Craig Locke. 5.Chris Dicomidis - cpt. 6.Jake Thomas (Lee Williams). 7.Wayne O'Connor (Thomas Young). 8.Dan Godfrey.

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