Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Game 3 - Pontypridd v Llandovery

Game 3

Pontypridd v Llandovery

17th August 2013

Third and final friendly game was against Llandovery. The Drovers finished second in the league last year, so this game was going to be a tough one. Beautiful weather, it rained all afternoon, so the game started with Ponty kicking off.  After a few exchanges, Llandovery scored the first points of the day.

This game was a lot tougher than the previous ones and Llandovery were good in defence, but prone to slowing and killing the ball, so stopping Ponty from quick ball. Also, due to the wet conditions the ball was squirting around like a bar of soap. Both sides committed a lot of handling errors and Ponty lineout didn't function very well. The first half finished with both teams putting over a couple of penalties.

The rain got heavier in the second half and handling errors still continued, Ponty tried really hard to play running rugby but the weather was not helping, but in the last quarter of the game managed to score two tries. Final score was 21 to 9 to Ponty.

The player who stood for me was Geraint Welsh, he has a nice balance when runing and is able to come of either foot. Also, Blues player Tom Young looked a useful backrow forward.

15.Geraint Walsh. 14.Chris Clayton (Gavin Dacey). 13.Gavin Dacey (Gary Williams). 12.Dafydd Lockyer. 11.Matthew Nuthall. 10.Simon Humberstone (Dion McIntosh). 9.Lloyd Williams.
1.Scott Roberts (Lewis Jones). 2.Tom Hetherington (Carl Williams / Liam Belcher). 3.Keiron Jenkins. 4.Jordan Sieniawski (Lee Williams). 5.Chris Dicomidis - cpt. 6.Owen Sheppeard (Wayne O'Connor). 7.Thomas Young (Tom Hetherington). 8.Dan Godfrey (Owen Sheppeard).


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